Recycling Sludge

"James T. Gabriel", by way of forsis at Chris Crocker 76654.720 at COMPUSERVE.COM
Tue Jul 25 15:57:12 EST 1995

Blandin Paper Co. in northern Minnesota is interested in recycling sludge into
its extensive forest land holdings, combined with site specific fertilization
additives to improve forest growth and solve a sludge landfilling problem.  We
generate 165 tons of sludge per day.  This sludge is approximately 35% solids
and is composed of about 90% primary and 10% secondary solids.  Of the total
solids generated about 99% comes from a pressurized groundwood pulping (not a
Kraft pulp mill) process wastewater, with the remaining 1% coming from municipal
domestic wastewater.  The papermill wastewater is approximately 35% non-volatile
(clays) and 65% volatile (wood fiber).

Any information on solving this problem or contacts with others who are
operationally involved in doing such an operation would be appreciated.  

James T. Gabriel   76654.720 at

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