Partnerships in species trials

don riedel driedel at
Wed Jun 7 12:06:14 EST 1995

I am involved with an  island-community organization that is
initiating species trial for forestation in cooperation with various
governmental agencies.  We are about to solicit land-owner/holder
partners in this activity and need to develop guidelines for the
establishment of the long-term relationship.  The objective is a
partnership with clear expectations on both sides, and hopefully a
model that can be employed be others .  
If anyone has experience is such an arrangement, or has advice they
would be willing to share, we would be most appreciative of  comments.
Please send them via email, unless of course you believe your advice
would be of benefit to this group.
email: driedel at
snailmail: Box 247, Anahola, Hawaii 96703, USA
phone & fax: 808/822.3952

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