[Q] Establishing natural wood

Koen Pepermans peper at uia.ac.be
Thu Jun 8 13:42:22 EST 1995


I have a question regarding forests and their contents. I (among
others) am currently working on a project concerning the creation of a
wood. The goal is to describe the necessary elements to get to a
natural wood (meaning where nature deals the cards) versus a cultural
wood (where men try to decide).

Our starting point would be:
a. an existing cultural wood or
b. a non-woodland (e.g. farmland).

This wood would be to complement a waste-site or something like that.
Finally, my question is: does anybody out there know of a similar
project somewhere in the world (pref. Europe or North-America)?

Any project about re-establishing woods would also be nice.



PS : If this is not the right newsgroup, I do apologize.


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