Pseudomonas syringae

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>I'm looking for information on Pseudomonas syringae.  This is a bateria 
>whick attacks woody plants, lilac in particular.
>Anyone with information or possible leads please e-mail me at:
>rmoench at
 See Pg 482 of "Diseases of Trees and Shrubs" by Sinclair, W., Lyon, H. and 
W. Johnson.  Other references are noted in the same text.  I had a 
professor at U. of Missouri-Columbia that did research in 
cellular-level plant adaptation to freezing.  His name is Milon George. 
Dont' know his internet address but he has mentioned Pseudomonas spp. in 
his work.  Try him at (314)882-2710; Room 1-31 Agriculture Bldg., Columbia, 
MO 65211

Steve Nicholson

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