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Sat Jun 10 10:40:49 EST 1995

Yup, I think most tornadoes make the news these days. Especially when lives are
lost. It was on one of the local talk radio shows here in Maryland. Yes, I
proudly admit (inspite of our benevolent President) I listen to talk radio.

Anyway, AFPE is an online marketing and information service for the forest
products industry. Real-time marketing - call up, enter your products for sale,
and wa-la, instant marketing world-wide. We offer Internet e-mail, computerized
calendar of events, Forest Business Profiles, and more.

Our first goal is the help the forest products industry move into the computer
and online technology. Any money we collect goes back into the system. Call and
give it a go. Data: 410-827-5631 8N1 ANSI. Hope to hear from you soon.

-- Jack Perdue
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