Tree seeds for nurseries

Michael Arquin marquin at
Sat Jun 10 21:00:48 EST 1995

Hi, I'm new to the agroforestry conference but I just wanted to inform
any potential farmers in developing countries that there is a group in DC
which distributes tree seeds of fast growing nitrogen fixing tree seeds at 
no charge to small farmers.  The species offered include Leucaena, Cajanus,
Prosopis, Gliricidia and Robinia psuedoacacia.  These tree seeds are
distributed free of charge to as many people as we can handle.  In addition
to seeds we also distribute educational material in english, french and 
spanish.  If you care interested please send a note to
 The New Forests Project
731 8th Street SE
Washington, DC 20003

Thanks for listening.  Please forwarrd this note if you think others may be 
interests.  These seeds are primarily to start small scale nurseries they 
are not meant to be distributed for research purposes.

Michael Arquin
New FOrests Project

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