Need Reforestation Help

p.a.layman pal
Mon Jun 12 14:55:52 EST 1995


I am on the board of directors of my neighbourhood and we are looking
for a cost effective alternative to St. Augustine sod on 12 acres of
community property.  Currently this area is irrigated and is therefore
an expensive area to maintain.  Added to the cost of irrigation, are the
costs of mowing, fertilization and pest control.  Reforestation seems
like a good alternative provided it can be accomplished cost effectively.
Can someone help me get started by pointing me to gov't or other agencies
that might be able to assist us.

Vital details for the tract of land are:

Location:	Orlando, Florida
Soil type:	Sand
Topography:	30 degree incline

Thanks in advance,

Paul A. Layman (p.a.layman at

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