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brasselp at brasselp at
Tue Jun 13 04:19:08 EST 1995

I realise that this may seem an odd request to make, but I would like to discuss
factors concerning the development of a career in forestry biology, with anyone 
actively involved in this field.  I am a 31 year old veterinarian currrently in 
practice and have for some time now been seriously considering what will 
amount to a significant change in career and life. I have a strong background
also, in cellular and molecular biology and wish to return to school with the aim
of developing an academic career in something like forestry genetics, improve-
ment of timber species using molecular techniques, or related areas of applica-
tion, including development of species modified for growth in marginal cond-
itions . . .
Hence, I would like to discuss some ideas, educational approaches and potential
for career development with individuals in academia as well as industrial R & D.
I realise that time spent in this manner would not be easy for time-pressed researchers, 
but please understand that this is entirely a serious request for help, not based
upon whim, etc.
Any help would be enormously appreciated, 
Thank you in advance,
Peter, in Calgary

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