Agroforestry land for sale (S.America)

blas.oddone at blas.oddone at
Tue Jun 13 08:16:00 EST 1995

Suitable land for Cattle, forestry or other agricultural activity for sale
in Paraguay, Sout Americaca.  75,000 (seventy thousand acres) of which 40%
is natural grassland, 30% forest, and 30%     palm for.  Most of thefo the
property is flat with little or no elevations.  It has,000 three thousand
head of cattle, all fenced, 40 buildings.  Access by the Paraguay River and
a paved roa  in advanced stage of construction.
Price: $46.00 o(forty six dolars per acre)
Payment schedule: US$ 1 million down payment and negotialble balance.  For
more info please contact: oddone.b at connlicom

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