how do I get coast redwood cuttings to root?

Al Stangenberger forags at smokey.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Jun 14 20:03:10 EST 1995

xxxxxx (xxxxxx at xxxxxx) wrote:
: For several years now, I have been trying to get cuttings from the fallen 
: Dyerville Giant coast redwood to root and grow. I have not been successful. 
: Has anyone reading this newgroup successsfuly cloaned a coast redwood. If so 
: how did you do it? Thank You, Michael

Contact Kim Rodrigues, UC Coop Extension in Eureka
e-mail:  cdhumboldt at

also try Prof. Bill Libby at UC Forest Products Lab in Richmond 
(510) 215-4200

Kim collected some cuttings right after the Dyerville Giant fell, and I'm
sure some of them have rooted by now.  Libby's group has cloned coast 
redwood for years.

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