Sail Pruning

Arnold Chamove A.S.Chamove at
Wed Jun 14 21:03:30 EST 1995

The advice given for sail pruning is to trim about half off the
lower branches of pines in order to reduce wind resistance.
It seem to me that it is the upper branches that offer the most
wind resistance and the lower, especially the very lowest, branches
offer almost no resistance to the wind as they are very close to the
ground and also contribute a lot to photosynthesis.

Why not 
(a) keep the very bottom branches 
(b) and trim the highest branches to half
(c) especially those in the path of the wind (i.e., North South branches
when there is East West wind)?

Arnold Chamove
Massey University Psychology Dept
Palmerston North, New Zealand
A.Chamove at

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