Sail Pruning

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The most recent stuff I've been hearing around here (British Columbia) is to 
remove about 1/3 of the limbs, but to do it in a spiral pattern up the 
tree, rather than top it or simply raise the crown up.

Phil, Certified Arborist

>The advice given for 
sail pruning is to trim about half off the>lower branches of pines in order to 
reduce wind resistance.>It seem to me that it is the upper branches that offer 
the most>wind resistance and the lower, especially the very lowest, 
branches>offer almost no resistance to the wind as they are very close to 
the>ground and also contribute a lot to photosynthesis.

>Why not 
>(a) keep the very bottom branches 
>(b) and trim the highest branches to half
>(c) especially those in the path of the wind (i.e., North South branches
>when there is East West wind)?

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