Growing Gourmet Mushrooms

Ralph D. Arnold rarnold at
Mon Jun 19 00:49:20 EST 1995

Are you interested in specialty mushroom cultivation?  Visit the www site
for FUNGUS, the free Internet email-newsletter dedicated to specialty 
mushroom cultivation.  You can search previous messages by subject,
plus access other mycology resources.

  You can also subscribe free by sending this message:
SUBSCRIBE FUNGUS <your email address>  
  to fungus-request at or by contacting me at rarnold at

Some of the mycology-related businesses have Internet access.
You can get a free catalog from (& 'click' to their homepages in above http)
FUNGI PERFECTI  (mycomedia at        \ Please tell 'em you heard 
MUSHROOMPEOPLE (0002745871 at    / about 'em from FUNGUS
You can obtain bags for biological & mushrooms  from:
UNICORN BAGS, INC.  (unicorn at

Thank you, Ralph Arnold    rarnold at

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