Canadian Land For Sale

Peter Hill hill at
Mon Jun 19 09:31:17 EST 1995

Good morning everyone.

My apologies in advance if this is an inappropriate posting for this
group.  I am trying to sell some land and I thought this might be of
interest to some.

For Sale:

315 Acres of premium land with 2813 feet of waterfront located in
Ladysmith, Quebec, Canada.  The land is subdividable into eighteen 150
foot by 250 foot cottage lots.  Well-forested mountains and flatland. 
10,000 Red Pines were planted in 1967.  Excellent private hunting. 
Evaluated at $420,000 (Canadian Funds).

If you require further information please send e-mail to 'hill at'.


Peter Hill


Peter Hill
Ontario, Canada
hill at

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