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Wed Jun 21 15:10:02 EST 1995

International Forestry Seminar
Exploring Multiple Use and Ecosystem Mangement: From Policy to 
Operational Practiices. 

A seminar on forest practices will take place in Prince George, B.C., 
Canada from September 9-15, 1995, under the auspices of the Joint 
FAO/ECE/ILO Committee on Forest Technology, Management and Training, in 
cooperation with the government of Canada (Canadian Forest Service of 
Natural Resources Canada) and the government of British Columbia 
(Ministry of Forests).  

For details on the program and how to register, visit the Seminar Web 
Site at
(sorry for the *long* url)
or contact Trudy Swaan at:   ad548 at

Please note: The Seminar Web site is designed for viewing with Netscape 


Lavina Galbraith

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