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Sat Jun 24 14:32:08 EST 1995

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I'm seeking sources of information on growth characteristics, planting
requirements, sources of seed or planting stock for specific species of
trees. I will attempt to be succinct in my request for help, however,
some background will likely be helpful.
I have a friend who has been going to & enjoying the pacific coast region of
Costa Rica for the past 20 years. He has observed first hand the continued
clearing of the forest land for farming and about 5 years ago he made a
commitment to, in a small way, return some of the land to native growth
forest. He realized that the cost of doing so was beyond his means so he
developed what I consider to be a very smart compromise solution. This was
to plant Tectona Grandis (Teak) trees purchased as seedlings by individual
investors who would own those trees and ultimately receive the proceeds from
there harvesting (less some maintenance and processing costs).The revenue
from the tree investors has been used to acquire three large forest areas
that had previosly been completely cleared of all the native trees. The
funds have also enabled the planting of many more trees than owned by
investors. These trees will remain untouched. The idea is to, over time,
bring a balance of native species back to the land and continue to harvest a
variety of species on a percentage of the land while building the acreage of
"natural" forest.
My friend has developed a pretty good knowledge of Tectona Grandis, but, he
knows very little about the many other species that he knows have been/are
native to the area. I volunteered to help him find credible resources for
information on these other species.
My friend has gven me a list of trees with to the best of his knowledge the
trade name, local name and botanical name of the trees that he would like to
learn more about. I've reproduced them below. I'm not a botanist so please
excuse me if the list names are inaccurate. What I most want to find out for
my friend is:
1) Where can detailed information be obtained for each species on growth
characteristics, planting requirements, risks to trees (insects, fungus,
2) Are there any institutions doing research on these species and if so who
are they?
3) Where can seeds or seedlings be obtained?
The species of specific interest are:
Trade Name              Local Name          Botanical Name
Peroba Rosa             Manglillo           Aspidosperma Spp.
Goncalo Alves           Ron-ron             Astronium Graveolens
Brazilian Cherry        Guapinoi            Hymenaea Courbaril
Purpleheart             Nazareno            Peltogyne Spp.
Trebol                  Cristobal           Platymiscium Spp.
Lapacho                 Corteza             Tabebuia Spp.
Nargusta                Amarillon           Terminalia Amazonia
Idigbo                  Terminalia          Terminalia Ivorensis
Cocobolo                Not available       Dalbergia retusa
Please forgive the long message. I very much want to help my friend achieve
his dream for this area and any help anyone can provide regarding the above
would be greatly appreciated.
I will monitor this usenet, but, responses directly to my E-Mail would be
great. Thank you.
Galen Mills
E-Mail galenmills at

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