help with forest planning

Sun Jun 25 08:21:07 EST 1995

Our lumber company was granted a lease on a 33 hectare mountain.
I thought that this was a good way of repaying our 'debts' to 
society in terrms of forest resources.

So I hire several workers and a forester to manage the tree farm
for us. Everything went well, we were able to plant mahogany seedlings
on the first 5 hectares and have established a nursery for the next
rainy season.

On april however, we we to learn that residents in the areas burned our
plantation down. I found out later that the people resented our
planting the mountain side as this would kill off the large grasses
growing in the area (locally called talahib). 

I found out much to late that the talahib wa s a source of roofing
material and has a ready market in the lowlands.. 

I am pretty much discouraged by all these. What can we do? I would
pretty much appreciate any help . Please email me at
wilson at


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