Wind rock

Arnold Chamove A.S.Chamove at
Fri Jun 30 01:08:21 EST 1995

There seems to be a contradiction in information.

(a) When planting trees, the books say that "released" trees are
less likely to suffer from wind rock.

(b) Wind rock is supposed to be partly due to the tree's roots hitting
a patch of good nutrition just below the grass line and growing too fast
for the roots to support.

If you want to protect against wind rock (like we do on our very windy
site), do we release (weed spray around the tree) or not release.

My guess would be not to release, let the grasses compete with the tree
and keep the tree growing slowly (and in an environment protected
from frosts and wind) for the first few years to build up roots.

Arnold Chamove
Massey University Psychology Dept
Palmerston North, New Zealand
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