Mushrooms repellent/antagovism of insects and bacteria??

Bjoern Arne Naess bjorn at
Thu Mar 2 13:08:29 EST 1995

We are working with mycorrhiza and mushrooms in forest ecosystems.  In 
particular we are interrested in the combination of Cantarellus and Boletus 
with Picea Abies and Betula sp.  In connection with this we are interested in 
the ability of e.g. Cantarellus cibarius to repell most insects or at least to 
avoid predation.  Also antagonistic properties against bacterias is of our 
interest.  We look for  information concerning chemicals or physiological 
properties on  theese matters.

We search information bouth for practical use in our work and for the purpose 
of building a Biotechnology web.

Per -Odd Eggen
Bjoern a. Naess

Please answere to newsgroup or by E.mail to
bjorn at

Thank You in advance.

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