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(Please bring this to the attention of potentially interested students) 

This is to announce the opportunity for graduate study, with financial
support in the form of a research assistantship (RA), in the area of
microclimatology leading to an MSc in Environmental Science at the new
University of Northern British Columbia starting by September 1995.


The climatology project described here is a component of a larger,
multidisciplinary project studying process in the McGregor Model
Forest (MMF). The MMF, in British Columbia's central interior, is one
of a network of model forests recently established across Canada which
are investigating forest ecosystems and sustainable forestry management.

The climate is a prime physical control of forest growth and evolution
through (for example) the effects of temperature and precipitation on
growth, and the effects of extreme wind events on windthrown trees.
Climatology projects might include: operation and analysis of a surface
meso-network to assess the microclimatic variability across this complex
terrain; an analysis of extreme wind events using historical data from
surrounding sites combined with on-site data; involvement in validation
/ modification of climate models which interpolate observed climate data
onto the complex terrain to give higher spatial resolution; numerical
modelling of extreme wind events using 3D mesoscale models.

There will be opportunity to interact with a multidisciplinary group of
researchers at UNBC, as well as with provincial and federal government


The University of Northern British Columbia is Canada's newest
university, and the first publicly funded one in more than 20 years.
It is located in Prince George, a regional centre of 70 000 people
serving the northern two-thirds of BC.  Wilderness and recreational
opportunities abound.  UNBC officially opened in August of 1994.
There are presently Bachelors and Masters programs in place in most
programs, and PhD's in many disciplines (including the Faculty of
Natural Resources and Environmental Studies) are to be initiated
shortly.  The campus has a stunning setting and architecture and is
well equipped.  I am in the Environmental Studies Program of the
Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, a faculty
which also contains programs in Biology, Geography, Outdoor Recreation
and Tourism, and Forestry and Resource Management.


The successful applicant will receive an RA position with funding at
$CDN 12 000 per year for two years for work on an MSc focusing on
climatology issues in the MMF.


Students who will have a 4 yr Bachelors degree in the Atmospheric
Sciences, Physical Geography / Climatology, Environmental Science,
Forestry / Agriculture, or related fields, and who are interested in
this kind of project should apply.  Experience with data loggers, field
instrumentation, computer programming, statistical and numerical
methods, would be an asset.


For more information and to apply, you should contact me in the first
instance.  I join the UNBC faculty officially on July 1, 1995.  Until
then, I can be reached at:

Dr. Peter L. Jackson
Department of Geography
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario

email: peter.jackson at uwo.ca
phone: (519) 679-2111 ext 5024
fax: (519) 661-3750

After July 1, I can be reached at:

Dr. Peter L. Jackson
Environmental Studies Program
Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies
The University of Northern British Columbia
3333 University Way
Prince George, British Columbia

email: peterj at unbc.edu
phone: 	(604) 960-5985 (office)
	(604) 960-5867 (secretary)
fax: (604) 960-5539 or 5538

Dr. P. Jackson | UWO Geography | phone (519)679-2111x5024 | fax 661-3750

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