Fallow Ex-Virgin Forest

Thu Mar 9 03:54:41 EST 1995

I recently visited the UP of Michigan on a Snowmobile trip.  On a stretch
trail between Munsing and Grand Marais (M58 in summer) I rode by miles of
4 to 5 foot tall rotting stumps of at least 3.5 to 4 foot diameter.  There
had to be millions of these stumps, no kidding.  My 1st question that I
would like to pose is; what type(s) of trees were harvested there? They
to be some type of hardwood.  Finally, how come the forest service hasn't
replanted new trees in this decimated area.  Trees take long enough to 
grow in the first place, right?  How can we afford to allow this much 
Ex-forest land to stand fallow, when people are standing in line to cut
the remaining virgin forest?

RJK- felling just a bit ashamed of our forbearers.

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