Leucaena problems with inoculation

Alexander Harding harding at unixg.ubc.ca
Fri Mar 10 17:19:58 EST 1995

:I am just finishing a thesis right now at the University of British 
:Columbia, Canada based on an alley cropping experiment with maize and 
:Leucaena leucocephala obtained from NFTA (nitrogen fixing tree 
:association). I grew the Leucaena seed in a greenhouse and inoculated 
:with the Rhizobia that came with the package. I inoculated two times 
:over a 3 month period but now at the end of the experiment no nodules are 
:to be found on any of the trees. Does anybody have any idea as to what 
:could have gone wrong? The trees were transplanted from the pots in the 
:greenhouse to field plots composed of a loam soil with pH at approx. 6.0. 
:The summer here averaged around 30 degrees celcius and the trees and crop 
:were watered once-twice a week. The trees got as tall as 1.5m and as 
:small as 50cm. I expected more growth and some nodulation but as i said 
:none occurred. Is there a special way of inoculating? I just used a 
:distilled water slurry with the Rhizobia mixed in and spread 5ml per 
:seedling at the stalk base. Any comments or ideas would be helpful. I can 
:be reached here or at my address: harding at unixg.ubc.ca.

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