jobs in forestry for older professionals?

Robert M. Ross serross at
Mon Mar 13 05:35:42 EST 1995

I apologize if this is not appropriate for this newgroup:

My father-in-law, a 55 year old senior vice president of a bank in
Missouri, would like to consider a career switch to something enabling him
to work in forestry or freshwater fisheries management and conservation. 
I realize the job market is tough even for those with specialized degrees,
but I wondered if there might be jobs available for (1) people with his
special skills (e.g., managerial, organizational, etc.) or (2) people
willing to do basic field work such as censusing of populations for which
it is difficult to get quality longterm help. He has a lifetime of outdoor
experience, but no college-level education in science. Any ideas on where
to search or who to talk to would be deeply appreciated.

Robert Ross
Institute of Geosciences
Shizuoka University
836 Oya
Shizuoka 422
e-mail:serross at

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