Yijun Xu yxu1 at gwdu19.gwdg.de
Mon Mar 13 10:22:44 EST 1995

Dear Dr Jackson,

  My name is Yi-Jun Xu. I come from the People's Republik of China and
have been living in Germany unbroken since the end of 1984. I received
my B.Sc. from the Forestry University of Peking in 1982, my M.Sc. and 
Ph.D from the University of Goettingen in Germany in 1987 and 1991. 

  Since 1991 I have been working as a research scientist at the Institute
for Soil Science and Forest Nutrition of the University of Goettingen in 
the field of water modelling and element budgeting of forest ecosystems.
I am very interested in finding a permanent/temporary position in
ELEMENT BUDGETING in FOREST ECOSYSTEMS, but any other topics in Soil
Chemistry and Soil Physics could be interesting for me. (Further details
about my qualification and working experiences have been enclosed in 
this mail).

 I am just desire to know whether there would be any possibilities to
work in your research fields. I would much be pleasant if you would be
kind enough to send me further details about it. If you have other
plans yourselves, but know of other scientists who employ themselves
in the mentioned research area at the University of Northern British
Columbia or you known institutes, I would be most grateful if you 
would send their addresses to me.

  I should be pleased to supply references and any further details 
you might require.

  Thanks a lot in advance.

Yours fauthfully

Yi-Jun Xu

My recent address:

Office:   Dr. Yijun Xu
          Institute for Soil Science and Forest Nutrition
          University of Goettingen
          Buesgenweg 2
          37077 Goettingen
          Tel:  xx49-551-399764
          Fax:  xx49-551-393310
          e-mail:  yxu1 at gwdg.de

Education and Working:

  05/1991 - present: research scientist at the Institute for Soil
            Science and Forest Nutrition, University of Goettingen
  03/1991:  Ph.D in Forestry Science, University of Goettingen, Germany
  06/1987:  M.Sc in Forestry Science, University of Goettingen, Germany
  12/1984 - 03/1985: training course of German, Goethe Insitute Freiburg
                     i.B., Germany
  02/1984 - 10/1984: training course of German, Training Centre of Foreign
                     Language of the Chinese Ministry for Education, Chong-
                     qing, China
  02/1982 - 02/1984: research & teaching assistant, Department of Forestry,
                     Agricultural University of Sichuan, China
  02/1978 - 02/1982: B.Sc in Forestry, Forestry University of Beijing, China


  1982 - present: member of the Chinese Society of Forestry
  1990 - present: member of the German Society of Soil Science
  1994 - present: member of the International Assiociation of Hydrological

Working Experiences after My Doctoral Research:

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