Root Rot

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>The root rot that is probably referred to is Phellinus weirii, once known
>as Poria weirii if you go back in the literature a few years.

>There has been TONS of work done on it at the USDA Forestry Sciences Lab
>in Corvallis, Oregon, Jefferson Way, 97331.


>A good university library will more than fill your informational needs
>on this organism.

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> Research Mycologist
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Also check out FRDA Report 179 (ISBN 0-7726-1541-1):

Morrison, D., H. Merler, and D. Norris. 1991. Detection, Recognition and 
	Management of Armillaria and Phellinus Root Diseases in the Southern Interior 
	of British Columbia.  FRDA Report 179. For. Can. & Brit. Col. Min. For., 
	Victoria, BC.

Murray W. Smith
Vancouver, BC

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