Linden Baum (Tree)

Gary Thorburn thorburn at
Fri Mar 17 08:09:54 EST 1995

Linden = Lime Tree = Basswood = genus Tilia.  Several species, probably
  each with various popular names in different areas.  Friedrich Ruckert
  wrote a beautiful poem, set nicely to music by Gustav Mahler, about the
  sublime effects a Lindenduft ("Lime-tree branch") had when placed on
  the writer's desk by his lover.  (Poetry beats Gray's manual any day.) 
Tulip Tree = Yellow Poplar = Liriodendron tulipifera  a monotypic genus
  I think; life is simpler here, but dont confuse it with genus Populus,
  which of course is a large genus of other "poplars".

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