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Wed Mar 22 01:18:13 EST 1995

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> any trees up there

Yes, very small and spindly.  Sorry it took so long to answer your
perplexing, if not ambiguous question.

During lunch today, I had a conversation with a colleague pertaining
to the original post I made here some time ago.  He happens to be on
the prairie restoration project, here at the lab.  He had a suggestion
or more like a question, that sounds like it may have some merit to my
admittedly, limited knowledge of forestry.

When a forest is overran with fire it will rejuvenate itself rather
Has anybody tried using fire on a clear-cut area?  Comparing
between the fire area and an adjacent area untouched by fire.  

I know what your thinking JCOATES, but there should be enough
brush and tree litter to sustain a pretty good fire, so don't
EVEN try to Flame! (no pun intended)

I found out the area I asked about is called the Kensington Plateau and
it consisted of mainly White Pines, until the lumber barons.....got

Thanks for the replies so far.
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