Genus Pinus and bovines

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Tue Mar 28 03:15:15 EST 1995

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> Does anyone have a reference to raising trees and cattle on the same land?
> There has to be a different tree spacing and reduced cow capacity but where
> is this information available. This request is from south Georgia, United States
> of America.

There has been a lot of work done in this field in the US.
I would suggest you contact the Association for Temperate
Agroforestry (mainly US based), for pointers to appropriate
and up to date references:

Dr Michael A. Gold (President)
Department of Forestry
Michigan State University
East Lansing
MI 48824-1222

Tel. 517/353-4751
Fax. 517/432-1143

There are a couple of recent references in:

"Opportunities for Agroforestry in the Temperate Zone Worldwide"
Proceedings of the 3rd N.American Agroforestry Conference. Edited by
R.C.Schultz and J.P.Colletti (1994), and available from:

Dept. of Forestry
251 Bessey Hall
Iowa State University
Iowa 50011-1021

But AFTA should be able to identify more relevant information sources.

Mark Brownlow

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