Agroforestry Investment in Paraguay

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Thu Mar 30 14:15:00 EST 1995

Hi Steten,
I just read your message on the Bionet newsgroup and would like to begin
communicating with you in regard to the Agro-forestry Investment ideas and
see if what we are doing in Paraguay may be of your interest.
  As a native of Paraguay, (born and raised in the country) I have a deep
respect for nature and a great concern for the current critical situation of
irrational deforestation going on in Paraguay.  With a friend of mine, we
initiated a Agroforestry project in his property in the eastern region of
Paraguay (total land area is 13 thousand acres of intact forest.  According
to current statistical data of the Paraguayan Forestry Department,
Paraguay's natural forest with commercial value will be gone in the next 5
to 8 years...which is a pretty scary news considering that Paraguay was
until recently one of the countries with vast extension of forested areas in
South America.  The following is a brief description of our Sustainable
Agroforestry project for which we are looking for joint venture investors:
PROJECT CONCEPT: The project involves the development of sustainable wood
production in an area of 13,000 acres of land in one of the most fertile
regions of Paraguay, the Alto Parana Department close to the Brazilian
border.  Investment Partners are needed to buy and develop 40 parcels of 125
acres each.  Capital needed: $150,000.00 for each 125 acre parcels, to form
a Shareholding Company.  Benefits: After full investment payback, investor
will be entitled to 70% of gross profit i.e. $937,500 from first wood cut
(11 yrs.) which will yield a minimum of 250 cubic meters (c.m.) per hectare,
approximately $150.00/c.m. equivalent to US$703,125.00  Investing parters
will rain shareholder of the company after project reaches maturity (11
yrs).  Complete details on the project is available to serious investors.
Should you be interested in knowing more about this project and or want to
explore possibilities of land purchase throughout the country of Paraguay
for Agroforestry development please feel free to contact us at:
E-mail: oddone.b. at

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