Tree guy's advice

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Fri May 12 06:54:44 EST 1995

In article <3ojb4j$7gs at>, btu200 at (Btu200) writes:
> OK you tree guys, lemme ask you this.  If I wanted to plant a row of trees
> to keep the neighbors from looking in on the back yard from their windows,
> what kind would you suggest? 
> The back yard is very narrow; there is not more than 20' from my house to
> theirs.  the presence of their windows makes sitting on the back deck
> uncomfortable.  A tall fence is too costly, and I don't want to lose much
> of the yard I do have.  
> I wondered aloud once about Poplars, and was told they don't live long.
> Please advise.
> BTU200 at  

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