Brummett Fir remeasured at 336'

Michael mtaylor at
Thu May 11 05:21:29 EST 1995

The tallest living douglas fir(Brummett Fir) was remeasured recently and
found to be 336' tall. Because the tree grows on a hill, the mid-slope of
the base in accordance with AFA rules was used. The overall stem length 
appears to be in excess of 340'. This tree is a peon compared to some of
the giant douglas firs of the past though. In 1905, a 415' and 390'
douglas firs were cut down in Lynn Valley, WA. The 415' had a dbh of 14' and 
the 390'had a dbh of 17'. Another douglas fir in this area had a dbh of 18' 
but was not very tall. These trees were very well documented. What a 
magnificent forest the Lynn Valley must have been! Michael 

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