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Subj:	Re: What about the people?
Date:	95-11-04 15:59:49 EST
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>     Your Save the Tongass message was interesting but didn't mention 
>     anything about the people who rely on the Tongass resources for
>     livelihoods.  Towns like Ketchikan depend on the local mill for 
>     economic support.  Where is the balance between environmental issues

>     and the social and economic needs of the people and communities?

This was an annoucement not a comment.  However your piont is well taken. 
As of September 1995 The Tongass region has about 1,500 timber jobs. 
Murkowski's bill would not only double the cut from 290mbf to 400mbf,  but
would nessecitate a total of 2,400 timber related jobs.  Jobs which will
"bust"  after 4 years.  This boom and bust type of ecomny is destructive
to small communities.  In addition, there are many alternatives to timber
dependent towns.  Many timber towns in calif. are growing hemp, food, and
are batering etc. to escape the heavy hand of corporate america. Becomming
more self-reliant, self sufficant.....all the stated qualities that make
amercica great; models for small efficant communites not dependant on one
economy are (I cannot list them all) native amercican tribes,  the amish,
the quaker, various religous monestaries, etc.  There are many books on
this subject.  Back to the logging.  Even the US Forest Service says that
400mbf cut is probably unsustainble.

I recommend this book:  The redesigned forest by Chris Maeser.
also: Ancient Forests of the Pacif Northwest by Elliott A. Norse

Yes! Balance is essential to life!

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