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Mon Nov 6 11:27:16 EST 1995

I am involved in a project with a Thai university to study biodiversity and 
strategies for conservation of forest trees in Northern Thailand (and mountainous 
areas of Burma and Laos by extension). The people in Thailand selected as model 
species Castanopsis and Dalbergia spp. Does anyone know of research being done on 
biodiversity, conservation, vegetative propagation and ecology of these species. 
Both genera are large, Dalbergia is even pantropical. I am also interested in 
knowing research done in other countries, with other Dalbergia or Castanopsis 
species that may not occur in Thailand. A literature search made clear to me that 
not much has been published the last few years on Dalbergia, and even less on 
reply to the newsgroup, or to Hugo.Volkaert at PING.BE
Thanks in advance
Hugo Volkaert

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