[VIPS] background information on poplar/willow culture

Carl G. Riches cgr at poplar1.cfr.washington.edu
Mon Nov 6 14:47:20 EST 1995

i am looking for references to background and general-interest information 
on the history and folklore of poplars and willows.  this information could
  - traditional and/or folk uses of poplars and willows
  - the history of poplar and willow culture
  - industrial and medical uses of poplar and willow

i will put the information on the poplar and willow web site at:

thanks for your help!


carl g. riches
university of washington
college of forest resources	internet: cgr at poplar1.cfr.washington.edu
box 352100			voice:    206-543-2764
seattle, wa 98195-2100		fax:      206-543-3254

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