How do I sprout Acorns?

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>I have gathered some acorns from a Willow Oak which I would like to 
germinate.  I have been told that Acorns need to be frozen before they 
will sprout.  Does anyone know about this?  Any info would be 

Yep, they do need to be frozen, or chilled at the least.  I stuck them 
in the refrigerator for a couple of months and then planted them out 
and had no problems.  I think they also need to "age" a little before 
they will sprout, but a few months of chilling seems to be enough 
time.  I have also grown acorns that were in the freezer compartment 
of the 'fridge successfully.

One catch is not to grow them in small containers -- the roots get 
long quite fast, and those little devils want lots of water.  I lost 
any number by planting them in pots with the result that they ran out 
of root space, sickened and died eventually.

BTW, I have done this with acorns from several Quercus species, so I 
would guess it will work for your Willow Oak.

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