Biopesticide for forest pests

Dr. Stephen Martin max at
Wed Nov 8 21:39:01 EST 1995

We have developed a biopesticide that is based on a bacteria
that secretes chitinases. Theoretically, this biopesticide will
degrade the exoskeleton of all insects and the membranes of most
filamentous fungi. It is not genetically engineered and we aren't 
going to spray it from planes. 

My question is twofold. We are interested in finding about about 
research on pheromones that attract insects considered forest pests.
We are only interested in pheromones that are commercially available.
Although insects can be drawn to bait traps, destructive fungi cannot.
Parasitic fungi can be treated in crops by direct spraying. As I
said, we can't spray our product from planes and it is unrealistic
for foresters to spray each tree, at least large trees. Is there 
any way to stop these fungi from getting established in the first
place? What commercial products are used on the parasitic fungi
of trees?       

Feedback would be helpful

Dr. Stephen Martin, max at


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