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Scott Golden sgolden at
Fri Nov 10 08:36:37 EST 1995

	I am a member of the American Tree Farm system and a local group 
of Tree Farmers here in northern CO.  We also are working on putting 
together a home page, the main reason being the remoteness of many of our 
members in the state.  The ability to share meaningful information 
amongst are membership would be invaluable!  Both scientific and 
technical tidbits could greatly enhance the knowledge 
base and productivity of Tree Farms as a whole.  The opportunity to be 
proactive rather than reactive on a majority of political forestry issues 
would be greatly enhanced also, as the message of an upcoming concern 
could circulate extremely rapidly among subscribers.  Environmental 
groups such as Greenpeace already use this to their advantage!  
	Good luck and I look forward to your efforts and the future!

On 9 Nov 1995, Jan Joannides wrote:

> Hello.  
> I am new to this discussion group, but am hoping you can help me.  I work for 
> the Center for Integrated Natural Resources and Agricultural Management (CINRAM)
> at the University of Minnesota.  We are currently putting together an 
> agroforestry web site and I am interested in finding out what information people
> would like to see on the web site.  I am interested in both kinds of information
> (e.g. "how to" documents, bibliographies, etc.) and any actual materials that 
> you think would be useful to people using the site.  I'd also like to hear of 
> any other interesting sites we might want to link to.
> Thanks in advance for your input.
> I will send the URL for our agroforestry web site once it is a bit more 
> developed.
> Jan Joannides
> Center for Integrated Natural Resources
>    and Agricultural Management
> University of Minnesota
> (612) 624-7418

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