Aleurites moluccana

Kevin Youngblood ir001182 at
Mon Nov 13 20:54:39 EST 1995

    I haven't posted to any of these groups before so pardon my ignorance. 
I am trying to find any info regarding the subject tree.  The common names I
have are:
        candleberry tree
        varnish tree
        Indian walnut

    The info I have goes on to state it's place of origin is Malaysia and
Pacific Islands and:

    "Fruits purgative eaten raw, but this property disappears with cooking.    
    Valuable oils are extracted from the seeds, used in soaps, paints, and 

    I am interested in the posibility of acquiring at least one of these
trees with the hopes of cultivating it in a green house atmosphere.  Please
forward any comments, suggestions, or other relevant info.

Kevin Youngblood
ir001182 at

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