New Elm Trees

stephen fitzgerald stephenf at
Sun Nov 19 03:49:58 EST 1995

Amanda Wight wrote:
>     I am sorry to have to disturb anyone with this question, but I was looking 
>for information on the new elm tree that is being developed in New Hampshire.  
>Can anyone help me with this?
>Thank you for you time.
>-Amanda Wight
>awigh at

Amanda, I'm interested in any 'New' elms. I'm doing some research on 
Dutch elm disease resistant elm breeding. 
Where did you hear about this new elm?
There are many newish elm clones (DED resistant) and alot are released by 
the Elm Research Institute Harrisville, NH, 03450. This is probably where
your new tree is from (?).
Please let me know if you find out anymore about it!

Steve Fitzgerald
Melbourne Uni. (Burnley College)

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