?? New Elm Trees?

Larry Daley daleyl at bcc.orst.edu
Wed Nov 29 19:53:35 EST 1995

It is possible to treat elm trees with Pseudomonas to protect them from
Dutch elm disease.  I know that this has been worked out by Gary Strobel,
Plant Pathology, Montana State Univ. and in Europe by a Dutch pathologist,
named Schaffer or the Dutch varient of Schaffer. 

My question is are there others working in the same area.

Larry S. Daley

On Thu, 23 Nov 1995, Matthew Tarus Gray wrote:

> 	Sorry, can't help you wit your question about new elm trees, but 
> I was wondering whether they were something to do with immunisation 
> against Dutch Elm disease? Do you have it in America? It has totally 
> wiped out nearly all our English Elm trees over here in Britain, which 
> were once so common and people liked them. The new elm tree, I hope would 
> be as 'true to the original' as possible, let's see more elm trees!
> Reply if you want...
> Lancashire Lad.

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