root strength and slope stability

DASDLM dasdlm at
Sun Oct 1 20:12:19 EST 1995

Several weeks ago I posted a request for references or information
pertaining to the effects of timber harvesting on deep-seated slope
stability.  I am now conducting the second part of the literature search
and I am seeking references or information pertaining to the effects of
declining root strength on shallow slope failures.  I am most interested
in acquiring references published since 1992, but any obscure or arcane
references are welcome, particularly unpublished documents such as theses
and dissertations.  The work will hopefully be incorporated into a plan to
improve timber management on potentially unstable land.  Although my
immediate focus is the root strength issue, I remain interested in
acquiring  information and references pertaining to deep-seated stability.
 Please send any responses to "dasdlm at".  In addition, if you know
of someone who could contribute to this effort, please forward them this
request.  I appreciate the assistance I have received to date, and I look
forward to similarly enthusiastic and insightful responses on this
subject.  If you would like more information before contributing, don't
hesitate to ask;  I will gladly elaborate on the motives and intentions of
this project.  Thanks in advance.  -Doug

Douglas A. Smith
Mt. Hood National Forest
dasdlm at

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