Will a RedWood grow in MA?

Anthony R. Brach brach at oeb.harvard.edu
Mon Oct 2 09:43:24 EST 1995

There are several trees of dawn redwood (Metasequoia) from China growing 
at the Arnold Arboretum in Boston - Jamaica Plain (the 
Arboretum's phone number is 617-524-1718).

Anthony R. Brach

jhg at wm.ultranet.com (jhg) wrote:
>My wife bought a Redwood 'log' which sprouted and has now grown to
>approx. 5' tall. It winters indoors and summers in a screened-in
>porch area.
>She wants to plant it permanently outdoors, but wonders if our
>MA/New England winters will kill it.
>Any/all help/info appreciated.
>Jeff Griffin,

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