logging and environmental problems

Lawrence Lloyd lllloyd at ucdavis.edu
Tue Oct 3 14:21:53 EST 1995

J. Mullis,
Thanks for your thoughtful note about loggers.
Being a 23 year veteran timber faller in the California Sierra Nevada, I 
can truthfully say that Americans should be respectfully thankful to 
hard working loggers who supply them with billions of board feet of 
timberat wfhile maintaining the integrity of the resource base. 
We can have sustainable forests, wood products,and jobs if those who 
know the land are allowed to carefully harvest trees selectively across 
the landscape. 
Locking up productive forests in temperate North Amnerica only 
exascerbates environmental problems in the tropics and in 
environmentally sensitive Siberia. 
Instead of hysteria and emotion, we should, as a society, let good 
science, facts and common sense drive the forestry debate 

Lawrence Lloyd
Professional Timber Faller
UC Davis Graduate Student
Community Development.

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