logging and environmental problems

Lawrence Lloyd lllloyd at ucdavis.edu
Wed Oct 4 17:37:23 EST 1995

Unfortunately, you are obviously ignorant of the complex issues 
surrounding sustainable forestry in America. 
First, NO logs are shipped from the National Forests (the "peoples" 
trees) to oversees markets.
Also, exports of raw logs from California's private forests has 
declined from less than 4% of total harvest to under 2% in recent years 
due to the demise of the federal timber sales program and the 
subsequent increase in private timber value.
As for subsidized timber, very few national forests actually show a 
loss due to the timber sales program, and the vast majority actually 
returns revenue to the national treasury with reciepts from timber.
Counties also benifit from timber sales through the 25% fund that 
returns that percent of timber revenue to local counties, in lieu of 
property taxes, for schools and roads.
Finally, shouldn't Americans, as vast consumers of wood products, 
utilize our fast growing, productive forests (the 30% that is relegated 
for multiple-use) to sastisfy our consumption? By locking up domestic 
resources, we only export environmental problenms to foreign countries 
eager to compromise the environment for much need revenue.
Lawrence Lloyd
Professional Timber Faller
UC Davis Graduate Student, Community Development

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