Frost damage to seeds?

Mr Chris Goodwin cgo at bob
Fri Oct 6 06:37:50 EST 1995

Hi all,

	I'm a beginner amatuer trying to grow a few trees from seed
in the UK. I've got oak, sycamore, lime, chestnut, ash amongst
others. I am stratifiying some of them by placing them in silver sand
in plant pots on my patio. Others I have just placed in seedling
compost in trays on my patio. I also have some one year
old oak seedlings in plastic plant pots.

	Basically, should I protect them against frost by
bringing them inside to a cook (but darkish) place? Since
everything is in shallow trays or pots, I'd imagine the
temperature of the seeds could go subzero quite easily when
the frosts and possibly snow come. I understand that this is a
relatively small scale operation compared to what most readers of
this group are used to, but I hope you will indulge me.

Many thanks,

cgo at

ps. I've tried to find out from books, but they don't give solid
    enough advice.

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