The use of Humates in Agroforestry

Robert H. Faust drfist at
Sat Oct 7 14:07:49 EST 1995

I am a farmer and researcher, I have been working for 25 years with.
Commercial humates for soil regeneration ,increased yeilds, and as a
rapid source of carbon and organic matter. I would like to hear from anyone
interested in humates or have been using humates. Or people who want
to benefit their soil and solve problems of low soil organic matter.
Humate a a couple hundred pounds per acre replace tons of compost.
Humates are the best and fastest way to increase agricultural productivity
without clearing more land. Humate have been shown to dramatically 
increase tree growth and reverse decline. Root stimulation is a factor
as is increased cell division, etc. A way to increase sucess at establishment
of N fixing trees for agroforestry. We see large increases in soil algae
which benefit soil structure and organic matter. The best humates come
from New Mexico. Some of the biggest organic farmers in the U.S. use
these humates.
 If you want addtional info. please contact

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