Need Rainforest Help

Robert L Sanders RLSanders at
Sun Oct 8 03:13:16 EST 1995

My company has a 25,000 acre timber concession in Guyana. We want 
to develop a program that will encourage other concessionaires to 
reduce cutting and exporting logs. Our own program involves methods 
that are ecologically sustainable to all forest life. The few trees 
that are harvested will be put to the highest use. We plan to 
produce items for selective markets rather than mass markets. For 
example, a custom crafted kit home for those that appreciate the 
beauty of tropical woods. In so doing we will employ more people, 
cut less trees and direct profits toward rangers to protect the 
rest of the concession from further cutting.

Now, we want to invite interested persons to submit their ideas of 
how best to practice ecological sustainability. Please, no jokes, 
or insults, this is serious business. We have a chance to develop a 
program that could save as much as a million acres of rain forest.

Submit your comments and ideas and we will place you on our mailing 
list for regular updates.

Robert Sanders

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