Agroforestry Modelling Newsletter

Gerry Lawson GJL at
Mon Oct 9 08:54:16 EST 1995

Seems that Mark Brownlow & I have been too good at persuading people
to leave this 'agroforestry' newsgroup for agroforestry messages.  Traffic
seems now to have dried up!

Here's one message to prove it still exists.

Every 6-months or so I send out a 4-6 page  un-glossy newsletter titled the
'Agroforestry Modelling Newsletter'. Its mainly based on the ODA
Agroforestry Modelling Project, but includes a range of short items related
to AF modelling.  If you have any projects or meetings you'd like to tell
others about please let me know by 27/10/95.  Also let me know if you
want to go on the mailing list.

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