opinions wanted: fire/insect/fungi control

ProfFax proffax at aol.com
Tue Oct 10 08:36:42 EST 1995

>>I am a forestry student looking for professional opinions about the 
current use of high technology systems for detecting and preventing fire, 
insect, and fungi outbreaks.   Tell me what you think is good or bad about

them.  Thanks for your help.<<

It is interesting that you are interested in preventing fire, AND insects
and fungi, since fire is a very natural way to control insects and fungi.

GIS has been used for several years now to predict wildfire behavior. 
Yosemite National Park was one of the first places to use a GIS computer
model to predict fire behavior in the NPS system. The park is broken into
30 x 30 meter squares in the computer program. EWach square contains info
regarding slope aspect, fire models, etc.  When the location of the fire
and the weather forecast is entered into the computer it provides fire
behavior predictions in four hour increment. It is helpful in allocating
resources to different areas of the fire. The program was pioneered by Jan
can Wagendonk, research scientist for the park. (among others)

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