logging and environmental problems

jack.perdue at afpe.com jack.perdue at afpe.com
Tue Oct 10 07:56:28 EST 1995

 > First, NO logs are shipped from the National Forests (the "peoples" 
 > trees) to oversees markets. 

Isn't that only for National Forests west of the Mississippi, or have they
expanded that restriction? 
 > Finally, shouldn't Americans, as vast consumers of wood products, 
 > utilize our fast growing, productive forests (the 30% that is 
 > relegated for multiple-use) to sastisfy our consumption? By locking up 
 > domestic resources, we only export environmental problenms to foreign 
 > countries eager to compromise the environment for much need revenue.

Hurray, someone finally said it. Well put! My sentiments exactly.

Save the Planet! Use American wood products!

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